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Here at EMG Painting, it is important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in who you hire to paint your residential or commercial space. We maintain an open-door policy inviting all former, present, and potential clients to reach out to us with any clarifying questions you may have. It is our pleasure to chat with you and to discuss your vision for your painting solutions project. Do you also need advice so you can feel secure in your paint and repair decisions? We are thrilled to offer our expert opinions. In addition, we are happy to provide an accurate no-surprises quote for the project you need completed!


We believe in being very honest and open about our time as well as how long it will take us to complete a project. As such, we will always make sure to give you a clear view of the timeline of the project so you can rely on the job being completed on time every time. Unlike other residential and commercial painting companies in the Greater Toronto Area, we won’t quote an end-date just to take longer on the project. We are also happy to flexibly work around your timeline and daily schedule to guarantee we are not interrupting the flow of your day or business operations. Contact Us today to discuss when you would like for us to come paint or repair your space! 


The EMG Painting team is passionate about providing comprehensive and convenient painting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Not only do we work around your timeline and daily schedule to ensure we are out of your way as much as possible, but we also make sure to arrive with all the necessary tools and products to complete the job. To us, customer service means providing comprehensive and expert-level painting solutions while keeping our methods convenient and efficient for our clients. 


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Our expert-level painting solutions come at an affordable price! Whether you just need a ceiling repair company to come fix your ceiling before painting or you need the exterior of your home completely repainted, we are here for you. Here at EMG Painting, we offer a full comprehensive range of painting solutions. From prepping and repairing to painting, we are your one-stop-shop! Check out our full range of residential painting and repair services! 


Are you searching for a commercial painting company near you in the Greater Toronto area? Within this region, and surrounding areas, EMG Painting has gained a reputation for being efficient, affordable, and talented within the painting solutions industry. We work comfortably on your timeline and daily schedule so we can make sure your experience with us is both convenient and enjoyable. View our complete list of commercial painting and repair services!


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Let’s get started! If you are within the Greater Toronto Area, or surrounding regions, we invite you to reach out to us today to receive a free consultation and expert advice. It is our pleasure to help you in refreshing your residential or commercial space with a fresh coat of paint as well as decoration and repair services.

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