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Make Home Feel Like Home With Fresh Paint!

Rejuvenate Your Residential Space

Are you seeking efficient and reliable residential painters in Toronto? Do you want to work with a company that can provide both interior and exterior painting services? Look no further! EMG Painting has a team of professional painters ready to help you transform and freshen your residential space. Whether you are seeking a crisper and cleaner look for your home or want to add statement colors throughout the house, we are here to offer expert advice and support your vision!

25+ Years of Painting Residential Spaces

Our Unique Approach

Consult and Advise

We want to hear your thoughts and vision for your home! Most importantly, we are here to answer any clarifying questions you may have and to alleviate any possible concerns about having your house painted. Reach out to us at any time for your free consultation. 

Avoid Common Mistakes

In addition to painting, we are a drywall and ceiling repair company for a reason! We make sure to avoid common mistakes, such as the lack of space prepping, that many people experience when painting the interior and exterior of their residential space. Our EMG Painting team knows all the tricks and mistakes to avoid, so you don’t have to! 

Perfectionist Workflow

With years of experience under our belt, we have developed a keen eye for detail. While painting your floors white or choosing the perfect garage wall paint color, you will want seasoned experts on your side! Not only do we enjoy the details of picking out paint colors and discussing the intricacies of the job, but we offer our expert advice openly and freely to all clients. 

Flexible Work Mindset

Unlike other commercial painting companies in the Greater Toronto Area, we ensure we have a clear view of your needs and expectations before we get started. This starts with a free consultation. In addition, if you are in need of an expert opinion, we are happy to provide professional advice based on our years of experience! 

Thorough Quality Check

Our promise to our clients is that we will not pack up and call the job “done” before we conduct a thorough quality check of our work. We conduct quality checks as we make our way through the project; however, we understand the importance of giving the site a fresh review before we pack up and leave your residence. We are committed to providing only high-quality painting solutions.

Let’s Chat and Discuss Your Paint Goals

We Offer Free Consultations and Advice

We provide a variety of services to ensure the paint for your home goes on smoothly and seamlessly! We serve as drywall contractors in the Greater Toronto Area and we even offer ceiling painting and repair options to guarantee you get the look you desire at prices you can afford. Here at EMG Painting, we are ready to discuss your interior and exterior residential painting and surface needs. Reach out to us today and let’s begin the process of transforming your living space! 

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