Our Portfolio

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Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Deck Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Floor Painting
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Garage Walls Painting
  • Door Painting and Repair
  • Ceiling Painting and Repair
  • Fence Painting and Installation
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Repair
  • …and more!

Is your painting or repair project not represented in the list above? We are confident in our ability to paint and repair just about any space! We invite you to Contact Us at any time with any questions or project proposals you may have. 

Fence Painting

Here at EMG Painting, we take our painting expertise outdoors to ensure your fence contributes to the beautiful exterior of your home. We can make sure the paint matches the color of your house; or we can entertain the idea of adding in a vibrant color. In addition to painting, we notably offer professional fence installation. We are a fence painting company in the Greater Toronto Area ready to make your paint vision come to life! 


emgpaiinting portfolio
Door Painting and Repair

In addition to professional interior and exterior painting, we are a door repair and paint company in the Greater Toronto Area. That’s right, we also focus on the finer details of your painting needs to ensure the inside and outside of your residential or commercial building looks cohesively visually pleasing. We are known for creating some of the best interior and exterior doors in the Greater Toronto Area!


Garage Wall Painting

Your garage doesn’t have to be a dingy and grimy workspace! We’re ready to help you transform this space in your home. Do you need advice on the perfect garage wall paint color? We are happy to chat with you and provide advice based on years of field experience. Our EMG Painting team specializes in transforming garage walls in the Greater Toronto Area by thoroughly prepping the space and applying a fresh coat of paint. 


Deck Painting

Not only does painting or staining your deck improve your home’s overall exterior appearance, but it also lengthens the life of your deck. We are a deck painting company in the Greater Toronto Area, and we are dedicated to transforming your deck space. Our EMG Painting team of experts will begin by prepping your deck for long lasting effects and will only use today’s best practices and products to paint or stain your deck.


Exterior Painting

Whether you have a one-story residential home or a multi-floor commercial building that needs to be painted, our team at EMG Painting is prepared to get the job done! We are an exterior painting company in the Great Toronto Area, and we have all the right equipment and unique skill set to paint the outside of any building. 


Ceiling and Floor Painting

From the highest ceiling all the way down to the floors, we are a ceiling and floor painting company. We are skilled at reaching every nook within your residential or commercial building to ensure every square inch is expertly painted. Furthermore, we offer professional advice on topics such as the best floor paint for wooden floors and even what shades and paint finishes look best on ceilings.


Professional Graffiti Removal

Did your business or home get unexpectedly graffitied? Our EMG Painting team is a professional graffiti removal company in the Greater Toronto Area. We understand that the nature of graffiti can sometimes be unsavory. Therefore, we are quick to analyze the situation, develop a game plan, and dive in to implement our renowned graffiti removal services. 


Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Repair

Applying a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can brighten the space and give the appearance of a brand-new kitchen. Here at EMG Painting, we are a kitchen cabinet painting company in the Greater Toronto area amongst other painting specialties! We will begin the process by consulting with you about your kitchen cabinet goals and we will determine if it is cheaper to replace or repaint your kitchen cabinets. From there, we will follow a plan of action to transform your kitchen cabinets!


Interior Painting

Our EMG Painting team has you covered from wall-to-wall! We are an interior painting company in the Greater Toronto Area committed to making sure each of our clients have the interior paint job they desire. Whether you own a commercial building painting your interior all white or a residential household seeking a new interior color in each room, there is no job too big or too small for us! 


Commercial Painting

We are a commercial painting company in the Great Toronto Area, and our EMG Painting team is well-versed on the various types of commercial painting. We understand that no two commercial buildings are the same; therefore, we provide a complimentary consultation service to gather the essential information and to formulate the perfect plan of action to paint your commercial space. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and to begin the process of painting your commercial building!