Can you paint vinyl windows

Are you looking for a way to beautify your vinyl windows? If yes, then you can paint the frames, which is a simple and cost-effective solution for enhancing your vinyl windows’ look. Chiefly, painting PVC is a bit hard and is not a piece of cake for everyone.

But it does not mean you can not do that with the appropriate tools, methods, and a pinch of patience; your vinyl window will become eye-appealing stuff. Here in this guide, we will guide you step by step so you can paint vinyl windows like an expert.

How to paint vinyl windows professionally?

Despite all the risks and difficulties entailed, painting the vinyl windows is a doable task. Moreover, if your budget does not allow you to switch to a newer window painting your window frames with your liked shade is an affordable substitute.

The stuff you must have to arrange to get started:

  • Degreasing dish liquid and sponge
  • Hand masker, masking paper, and painters tape
  • Vinyl safe prime
  • Vinyl special paint
  • Airless spray and brushes of specific types
  • 220 grit size sandpaper
  • Canvas drop cloth

And the best part is you are ready to go and now can professionally paint your vinyl windows. Besides that, to make sure that the paint comes super clean, preparation is a must so that it bonds with the PVC surface.

Use the Canva drop cloth:

It is time to take out the drop cloth and place it under the window in an appropriate position. We recommend that the drop cloth should be dry and non-slippery. By doing so, you will protect the floor from dripping paint, which can be very messy.

Clean the frames:

Take 1 liter of hot water and add a few droplets of degreasing dish liquid. Now, soak the sponge into the solution and wipe vinyl windows frames completely. Moreover, get a wet cloth and use it to raise the vinyl and make it fry by using a dry one. Basically, cleaning the frames will result in smoother paint because it will clear the dust.

Make the frames rough:

After cleaning the frame, it is the right time to get the roughened frame surface, which you can do using sandpaper. A better option is 220-grit sandpaper. You might be wondering why we need to make the frame rough. The general reason is that the paint will stick to the frame firmly, which we need.

Cover up the unwanted portions:

Cover up the area of the windows where you do not want to paint. You must use painter’s tape and masking paper to avoid getting paint in these areas. Other than that, to save you time from covering and taping manually, you can use a hand masker, which will get the job done shortly.

Apply prime:

After accomplishing all the steps correctly, you need to apply primer onto the surface of the PVC frame. Most importantly, make sure that whether your paint requires you to use primer or not. It is because good paints have several benefits, one of which is they do not require primer coating before applying them.

Finally, paint your vinyl window:

Eventually, apply the thin coat of the particularly designed paint for vinyl exterior use which is not water soluble like latex paint (what is latex paint). You can use the airless spray to speed up this step. But if you like to do that with a brush, then use a sponge for a level and clean coating. After you are done, let the paint dry before you go for another coat.


We hope that this article has clearly answered your question, which is can we paint vinyl windows. Also, by following the steps given above, you will be able to paint vinyl windows properly. Pro-tip is that if you want durable and excellent results, you should get high-quality paint for that purpose.

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