How long does brick stain last

How long does brick stain last

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Like many other DIY homemakers if you want to increase the appearance of your house by altering the exterior look with painting or staining the bricks? Both of these options are wonderful, but most people compare both these procedures and contemplate which one is suitable.

We all know that brick staining is reliable and long-lasting as compared to painting if your home’s exterior is made up of bricks. In this post, you will learn how long does brick strain lastsSo, proceed on reading if you want to get an in-depth understanding of brick stains.

What is a brick stain made up of?

The brick stain comprises water, binding agents, and liquid-bearing mineral pigments, including iron oxide. So, instead of making a coat over the surface of the bricks or concrete, it penetrates the surface and becomes a part of it. Thus it is a long-lasting and durable option when you have to spruce your home’s exterior.

Why do brick stains last longer than paint?

Brick is the most popular choice among the masses as 34 percent of them prefer it over stone, vinyl, and stucco siding. Moreover, the brick stains last longer than paints as the bricks absorb them and develop a strong bond. Besides that, staining brick does not change the look of the brick as you are not coating it.

What are some benefits of brick stain over paint?

The advantages of the brick stain are not limited to those given below:


Generally, the brick is made up of shale and clay, which are known for making durable structures. That’s why monuments like The Great Wall of China and the Roman Colosseum are still standing even after facing environmental degradation for 100s of years.

Moreover, the bricks greatly reduce the structure’s energy consumption so that less energy will be consumed. At the same time, vinyl (can you paint vinyl to windows) is the principal constituent of the paint which is not ideal for re-using and disposing of.

Low maintenance:

Chiefly, the bricks demand very little maintenance, but the exterior may look odd, and their brick stains come into play. With time, the bricks lose their natural color, which reduces the charm of your house.

In that scenario, most people opt for painting to restore their home’s appearance, which is temporary yet requires much maintenance. So, painting brick is not a cost-effective solution when you have to apply it to a large building that comprises thousands of bricks.

Fire and weather resistance:

We all know that bricks are cheaper, more durable, and less combustible than wooden homes. So in case of fire, the brick structures will survive, unlike wooden ones.  Moreover, they can also tolerate the impact of debris in the adventure that your home is in the norm of severe climatic conditions of any kind.


As the brick stains are mineral-based, it makes a chemical bond with the brick, which is more reliable than paint coating. In case of fire, the paint will melt and lose its elegance due to the low heating point. On the other hand, the brick stain has the same melting point as the brick itself.

Final Words:

If your home exterior comprises bricks, then the better option for you to renovate your house is brick staining. Moreover, the brick stains last for 20 years or more if you are using a good quality product. Other than that, the brick stains require less maintenance which makes it a convenient and sensible choice.

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